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Buyer’s Guide: Budget Fat Bikes

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    To help you decide which fat bike is right for you, I’ve taken our popular budget fat bike buyer’s guide back to the drawing board, taking into account the latest changes and prices in the market in early 2017. The list is organized in ascending price order, and is grouped on two different pages. This first page includes fat bikes under $1,000, and page two holds fat bikes under $1,500. If you want to spend more than $1,500, check out the brief bulleted list at the end of page two, which goes up to $2,000. Prices have also been rounded to the closest $50 level whenever possible, and when MSRPs are the same, the listings have been alphabetized.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this list is not comprehensive, comprising every single fat bike from every minuscule and foreign manufacturer that retails for under $2,000. Yet hopefully it comes close: I’ve scoured the internet, checked all the big brands, delved into all the direct-to-consumer sites, and surveyed our forum users–all in an attempt to discover the best deals and prices.

    If you have a maximum price in mind that you can afford, read until you reach that point, stop, and then make your decision based on what you’ve read so far. If you have some flexibility in your budget, be sure to read the entire guide to determine what benefits a higher expenditure will get you. http://ezrecipe.net/

    Fat Bikes Under $1,000
    While you can purchase a fat bike at Walmart for just over a hundred bucks, I don’t recommend it: it will be extremely heavy and cumbersome, and likely won’t stand the test of time.

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